Katrine Kristensen advises you to take care of your jewellery.
To make your surface-treated jewellery last longer, do not shower or sleep with them, and do not let any jewellery lay loose in your hand bag etc. if you to want prevent scratches, bending and general damage.
Silver naturally turns black due to a chemical reaction that happens with the oxygen in the air. We supply all silver and gold plated items with a special cloth. Simply rub the cloth on your jewellery and it will shine brightly again. Gold plating is a thin layer of gold on an item so be careful not to rub too much when you polish your gold plated jewellery. The gold plating will eventually wear out over time. This is normal.
The same thing applies to our oxidised jewellery. We have chemically fast-forwarded the natural oxidising process silver has when in contact with oxygen. However it is only a thin layer and will eventually wear off over time. Most local jewellers provide a gold plating and oxidising service to return the items to their original condition.